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Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 8 L
flat bottom
Model: KP8


Real Uzbek cast iron kazan with an aluminum lid in a set are produced in city Namangan (Republic of Uzbekistan), differ in a polished inner surface and thick walls (from 6mm). Such a kazan will serve for more than a dozen years not only for you, but also for your children and grandchildren.

Advantages of a cast iron kazan from Uzbekistan:

– Polished inner surface
It is the polished inner surface that distinguishes Uzbek cast iron kazan from kazans of other manufacturers. The kazans are polished by hand, which reduces the presence of various types of defects – shells and sagging.
Cooking in such a kazan is a pleasure, since the food will not burn on the smooth surface of the kazan, because it simply has nothing to cling to.

– Wall thickness from 6 mm
The greater the volume of the kazan, the thicker the wall. And the uniformity of the distribution of heat over the surface of the kazan depends on the thickness of the wall.

– Comfortable handles at the edges

– Uniform heating of your meals!
Cast iron, as a metal, has a low thermal conductivity, that is, it heats up for a long time and cools down for a long time. Heating occurs evenly, due to which the dish is fried or boiled equally from all sides, and the burning of food in certain areas is practically impossible. This property will not allow the dish to cool down too quickly, so the food served on the table will have a perfect taste, aroma and color.

– Cast iron – porous metal
Over time, oil and fat are absorbed into the pores of the cast iron, and the non-stick properties of the kazan improve. Those the more the kazan is used, the better it becomes.

– Eternal kitchen utensils!
Cast iron cookware is robust, durable and practical. It is almost impossible to spoil it. With proper care, the cast iron kazan will pass to your children and even grandchildren! The cast iron kazan will become a good family tradition!

Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 8 L oval bottom
Model: KK8


Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 10 L flat bottom
Model: KP10


Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 10 L oval bottom
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Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 12 L flat bottom
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Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 12 L oval bottom
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Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 16 L flat bottom
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Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 16 L oval bottom
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Cauldron Namangan «KAZAN» 22 L oval bottom
Model: KK22


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